Exterior House Painting Services

4 Key benefits of getting the exterior of your home professionally painted:

1. New Aesthetics

Tired of looking at the same paint job every time you pull into your driveway? Let’s face it, we all change our tastes from time to time and are in need of a new look. The aesthetic value a house can bring is what makes you happy when you get home from a long day. A new coat of paint can bring your house back to life and put it in totally different light.

2. Protection Against the Elements

Rain, snow, wind, sleet, insects and fire are all elements that can tarnish your home. Luckily, the right paint can resist all of these (to a certain extent). Paint can keep your exterior dry by preventing mildew and mold damage, something many don’t think twice about.

3. Increasing Home Value

A recent paint job can have a major effect on your house in a positive way if you are looking to sell. Exterior paint offers an excellent return of 141% as compared to most renovations that only bring about an expected return of 80%. Putting money back into your pocket is something none of us can complain about!

4. Siding Lifespan

Most forms of siding, such as wood or vinyl, need to be replaced from time to time so they can keep your home protected. New paint can add several years to the lifespan of your siding, thus saving you hundreds to even thousands of dollars on damages. A new coat will cover up blemishes and damages that are already present as well and bring out a cleaner, more appealing look.

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