Exterior House Painting

Having the exterior of your home or condo painted in Muscatine IA shouldn't have to be too difficult. Nonetheless, any number of factors can cause even the simplest painting project to turn into a nightmare. Choose the wrong company, and your home may look like a construction site for weeks on the end, and you may be stuck with an incredibly high final cost. The results may not even be all that impressive in spite of the cost.

A Professional, Caring Team

Here at Restore Painting, we're proud to offer high-quality workmanship together with reasonable prices, warm customer care, and timely service. We want to take all the worry and hassle that comes with hiring exterior house painters and having them on your property for a prolonged period. You'll find first of all that our crew is friendly and committed to the vision you have for your place of residence.

Maybe you're preparing your home for the market and eager to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Perhaps you just bought it and want its style to align more with yours. Whatever the reason for your exterior house painting project, we'll take it seriously. We won't be satisfied until you are. Our painters boast great attention to detail. In fact, they will even take into consideration the details of your personal schedule so as to pose a minimal disruption.

Our Qualifications

Restore Painting has been serving the Muscatine IA area for a while now. We're backed by experience and more than familiar with the various demands that homeowners can throw in the way of a painting company. Our tradesmen are all fully licensed and insured and specialize in exterior residential painting. This means that the advice we give and the equipment we use, among other things, will always be specifically geared towards homeowners, not business owners.

The painting equipment is, in addition, the most advanced that you can find on the market. We know the latest and the most comprehensive painting techniques. Our knowledge of the properties and characteristics of paint, especially in relation to the materials that the paint is applied to, is unparalleled.

Our painters aren't always so much about business, though, that they leave customers cold. Each of them is personable and ever ready to answer questions thoroughly and honestly. Each one has also been carefully selected; we perform a 100% background check on someone before hiring.

With all these qualifications to back us up, it's no surprise that we offer a five-year warranty on our exterior house painters' work: indeed, on any work we do. We guarantee customer satisfaction even with the most expansive painting project.

Benefits of Exterior House Painting

It's worth going over the benefits of exterior residential painting, as this may encourage some homeowners to consider taking the step. Believe it or not, the reasons don't all have to do with aesthetics. Certainly, the majority will request this service because they want to boost curb appeal and market value. But other homeowners, those who intend to keep their home for the long term, will request it for other equally smart reasons. These include:

  • Protection from weather changes
  • Protection against pests
  • Preservation of the siding

A fresh new coat of paint can keep your home safe from the ravages of rain, snow, sleet, and strong winds. As for pests, these can be kept out of your home because any painting project will involve the caulking and sealing of cracks and other open spaces. Termites, especially the subterranean kind that feed on moist wood, are one pest that homeowners need to have an eye out for; the good thing is that there are special paints, as well as certain wood preservatives and primers, that will repel them.

This brings us to another point, namely that house painting is a great way to address, and prevent future instances of, mold and mildew damage. The fact is that old, chipping paint will invite moisture, which not only compromises the integrity of the wood but also creates the ideal atmosphere for mold and mildew growth. These fungi can cause respiratory problems. They can also be stubborn; if you try to paint your home yourself, chances are you won't adequately remove the mold or mildew, and it will grow again and wreak havoc on the new paint.

Leave the Details to Us

A DIY painting project is probably out of the question for you, and for good reason. The procedures can be complicated, but our painters will handle each step with ease. Let's briefly break down the process.

As part of the preparation, we'll tape over windows and cover the lights and other objects that must not be painted. We'll clean the exterior via pressure washing and then seal up any cracks. Once the surface is even, we'll prime it and apply as many coats of paint as are required based on factors like color and the material we're painting on. We'll have the paint mixed ahead of time to achieve just the color and tint that you'd like.

Call for a Free Estimate

Though our warranty lasts five years, we're confident that our exterior house painters can create results that last for at least a decade. The next time you ask yourself, "Where are the outside house painters near me whom I can trust?" simply look to Restore Painting. We look forward to scheduling a consultation with you. Estimates are free of charge.

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